So, Who am I?

After 20 years of practicing alternative medicine, loving every minute of it, and saying my “all day long” prayers for others … I knew GOD had other plans for me.  I had no idea what that was going to be or when.  I could just “feel” a huge change was brewing on the horizon.  No matter what I did to stay on “my current path,” Heaven had other plans for me.  One morning I awoke from an angelic dream with a several random crazy thoughts in my head that just wouldn’t go away.

  • Adults really are just little kids in big bodies.
  • My pet mink Eleanor.
  • 161 million women have to make a very sad choice everyday day.
  • A young wounded Veteran in my practice that desperately needed a service dog.
  • A design for a better mouse trap.

For months I set about sketching, cutting, sewing, and embroidering everything I could get my hands on … Bazinga! … Cougar Crowns Reign Your Mane™ was born!  

I am forever grateful for the talents, gifts, and brain matter GOD has given me.  I am also very grateful to be able to share them with you.

Many blessings and huge hugs to you,


Traditional Naturopath – Classical & Complex Homeopath
QEEG – Brain NeuroIntegration Specialist
Certified Thermographer – Certified Nutritional Consultant
Angel Therapy Practitioner® – Angel/Orb/Spirit Photographer
Energy Healer – Reiki Master – Artist – Author
Medium – Medical Intuitive – Inventor – Mom

Please enjoy this video of me and my amazing friend Rebecca Rosen!