Amazing stuff … Pennies from Heaven

Pure Joy in a Bottle

I had the most amazing day and a lady in my presence… an incredible human being, incredible mom and wife, a beautiful soul, came into my office today for her appointment. Truly and angel sent from above. Her kindness and gratitude about life reminded me of me being a little kid… and saying my prayers… way back when…always wondering if anybody even heard me or my prayers. Well, Guess what? God hears us all… all of the time. No kidding, it’s true.
Last night we (me and my handsome husband) were walking in the park meadows mall parking lot, looking for a restaurant on the other side…I picked the wrong parking lot.. my amazing husband Emilio wanted to park in the other lot…he is so smart! I looked down into the snowy puddles as we walked along and I saw a coin…not just a regular coin in the street…but a quarter, flat, swashed, worn…but the top…was somewhat perfect…the year, my birth year … was the only thing left on that quarter. I said my prayers of gratitude and thanked Heaven and God for my life, and asked for another sign that I was heard. What was I thinking…trying to push my luck??? Such a silly girl. However….What happened today????…I received a gift from this amazing patient….a glass jar/vessel/bottle to put my prayers, and pennies, and found coins, rocks, or tiny crazy cool stuff I find, into. Things that make my heart sing. I have always collected found coins, stones, rocks, crystals, no matter how perfect-imperfect they may be…they are just a sign from Heaven that I am not alone, and neither are you. May all of you be blessed. You never know when Heaven or God or your loved ones … send you a sign…we just have to keep an open heart … and guess what…BAZINGA…there’s your sign. It can happen to everyone..and it does…we just have to see the beauty in the simplest things…so amazing….     xoxoxoxo me

Oh, a picture of my gift, posted as my FB picture…